Anna Divinsky - "Alabaster Blast"

April 18 - May 18, 2013

Curated by Fe founder Jill Larson, Alabaster Blast features a dozen internationally renowned fiber artists, many of whom will be shown in Pittsburgh for the first time. Jill Larson chose to curate this exhibition in memory of the late Jacqueline Ruyak, a freelancer writer, art critic, and fiber arts aficionado.

All of the artists featured in Alabaster Blast have been highly endorsed by Ruyak, and many were her close personal friends. The participating artists include: Jozef Bajus (Buffalo, NY); Anna Divinsky (Pittsburgh, PA); Ildiko Dobesova (Czech Republic); Silvia Fedorova (Slovakia); Lorraine Glessner (NYC); Amy Helfand (Brooklyn, NY); Andrea Mastrovito (Italy); Iveta Mihalikova (Slovakia); Cyrilla Mozenter (Brooklyn, NY); Priscilla Otani (San Francisco, CA); Blanka Sperkova (Czech Republic); and Laura Tabakman (Pittsburgh, PA).

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Location Information

Fe Gallery
4102 Butler Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15201