Fall Term Enrollment

Fall term (2131) enrollment begins on Monday, March 26, 2012.

All SA Majors should be aware that Advising Appointments (pre‐enrollment and for Study Abroad course approval) should be made using the appointment sign‐up sheets posted outside Room B13.  Appointments are available on Tuesday and Thursday. Always sign‐up at least 1‐day in advance.

Be sure to schedule your pre‐enrollment appointment early (a week or more before self‐enrollment begins) and always be certain to arrive at your meeting on time and prepared.

FOR ALL B13 MEETINGS: you are required to have your own copy of your SA Major and General Education check sheets (with most recent updates), and have reviewed your most recent Advisement Transcript. For pre‐self enrollment meetings: pick up and complete the SA Registration Planning packet in advance, and have a preliminary schedule of classes you are planning to take (SA Planning Packets are available outside B‐13 and Room 118). This meeting is also required to release your ADV Hold, permitting you to self‐enroll as soon as your online enrollment appointment period begins.