Fall Term 2141 Enrollment

Prior to online self-enrollment, all students are required to schedule a SA Major Advising meeting to review your online Advisement Report, update progress & remaining requirements, compare your own personal progress file with the department’s file, and to remove your ADV HOLD (which permits you to self-enroll at the time of your online self-enrollment appointment).

Students with more than one Major should meet with the Advisor from each department (each Advisor is solely responsible for requirements within that program).

To schedule a meeting with Professor Paul Glabicki, the current SA Advisor:

  • Clearly PRINT your full name on the schedule sheet posted on the bulletin board conveniently located at the SA Advising Office, Room B-13 in the Frick Fine Arts Building.
  • Sign up at least 1 day (24 hrs.) in advance.
  • The B-13 advising schedule sheet should also be used for other matters such as approval of Study Abroad courses, or other advising questions.
  • CANCEL your appointment if you cannot attend (brief message at pganim8@pitt.edu or 412-648-2438, or remove your name from the B-13 sign-up sheet). Appointments are cancelled after the first 10 minutes of your start time if you fail to appear. Failure to appear or cancel a meeting will place restrictions on your ease in making future appointments

In preparation for pre-self enrollment appointments: Use the Studio Arts Pre-Registration PLANNING PACKET, located outside Room 118, and B-13.  Complete (and maintain) all forms in advance of your meeting, and bring them with you. Students are always expected to review their current Advisement Report (available on Student PeopleSoft) before a scheduled meeting.

NOTE: All students are required to maintain a personal progress file, using the forms provided in the Planning Packet. Your own copy of current SA Major (green) and Basic Skills/General Education (white) check sheets are required for all B-13 meetings. If you fail to prepare, complete the forms, or fail to bring your personal progress file, you will have to schedule another meeting.

Any remaining reserved seats in foundation level courses will be released to the general university population in late August (exact date TBD).

Students interested in enrolling in an upper-level SA course who are not a declared SA major should contact the instructor for permission.